Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Marine Le Pen Assumes Leadership of Europhobic Right

Marine Le Pen has at last been able to form a group in the European Parliament. She thus takes the lead of the Europhobic Trojan horse within the gates of the European Parliament itself. It seems that the expulsion of her father from the FN eliminated the last obstacle to an agreement. Other right-populist parties that were afraid of associating themselves with JMLP's racist image find his daughter far more palatable--further evidence of the success of her de-demonization campaign. And this new international stature can only reinforce her position at home.

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bert said...

The article you link to comes back again and again to the idea of a fight for dominance between Farage's UKIP and Le Pen's FN. Interesting that she overcame the barrier to forming a parliamentary group by drafting in a UKIP defector. Why was the defector up for grabs? Because a newspaper secretly filmed the MEP's staff requesting bogus invoices from local businesses for fraudulent expenses claims. Entirely typical of the third-rate crappiness of UKIP, and of the populist right more broadly.