Monday, July 13, 2015

Endgame in Greece

It didn't end as I had hoped, but it's important to be lucid about what this episode has demonstrated. European politics will not be the same going forward. I offer some initial thoughts here. The implications for French politics are profound.


Anonymous said...

Profound, indeed. Which of the mainstream politicians will be the first to recognize that (1) France's interest don't lie in cuddling up to Germany and (2) there are plenty of votes to be garnered by abandoning the EU?

Anonymous said...

We cannot fail to note that the list of therapeutic measures imposed on the hapless, cashless Greek population is that which pusillanimous have been foe long trying to impose on a reluctant French patient.

According to the Italian Foreign minister, during those 17-hour squabbles, France was in a minority of three: Italy herself, Cyprus, and - wait for it! - the Greek part of Cyprus.

Anonymous said...

Apologies ! Correction:

Italy herself, France, and - wait for it! - the Greek part of Cyprus.