Friday, September 11, 2015

European News App

As I mentioned the other day, I've been working on a Web app that collects news feeds from a number of European newspapers and magazines in several languages. An early version of this software is now up and running at this site. If you try it out, let me know if you discover any bugs or have suggestions for improvements, additional categories and features, etc.


Harvey in France said...

The news aggregatot is good, but would far more interesting to me if I could combine search factors. I.e., France and economics.

H Morgan

Unknown said...

That's in the works. The back end already handles complex boolean searches, but the Web interface to support it needs work. Thanks for the feedback.

bert said...

Working beautifully on Firefox on a Win7 PC.
Presumably the topics will expand as the database fills up?
Second the request for multiple selectors.
Perhaps combine it with some curation (editor's picks, etc), although that would of course involve an ongoing time commitment, and may not be what you're looking to achieve.

Not working at all on a custom rom (CM12, Android 5.02) on a Samsung tablet. The homepage loads, but the links are dead. Happy to provide further feedback if that would be helpful.

Unknown said...

Thanks, Bert. It's working on my Android tablet, a Nexus 7, and on my Android phone, Samsung S4. Can you send me more details on your tablet? Use my e-mail, art dot goldhammer at gmail dot com. Thanks.