Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Kamel Daoud on Nov. 13

In The Nation (my translation).

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MCG said...

Daoud raises questions about policy and action, but then he writes in riddles. He says, Daesh must be "eradicated everywhere, but by means other than the ones it has used itself in France and elsewhere." What does that mean, precisely? If closing the borders in not a right response, what is?

Last week, by the way, Daoud appeared on a panel at the Albertine with Francine Prose. The moderator kept trying to provoke them into angry political cliches, and Daoud kept responding instead with humorous general observations, often about writing or about Algeria. Neither he nor Prose went for the bait. He was charming.

That granted, I hope that if Daoud is going to set himself up as proposing policies, he will say plainly which policies he proposes.