Friday, March 6, 2015

CSA Polling on Départementales: Armageddon Can Wait

The CSA has released a poll on the forthcoming départementale election. The Front National, as expected, claims almost 30% of the vote, but the "governmental right" (including the UDI-MoDem and "divers droite" gets 35, and the combined forces of the left get 33. In addition, FN voters do not seem particularly mobilized or energized by Marine Le Pen's rising fortunes to turn out for this particular election. Of course, it's best not to read too much into these predictions. Will this be a high-water mark for the FN or another step towards Armageddon? When I started this blog, I rarely commented on polls. A futile exercise, I thought. I still do, but every once in a while one has to stick a finger in the wind. The hurricane doesn't seem to have begun yet.