Friday, March 13, 2015

The FN in the Shipyards of Saint-Nazaire

It's one thing to read the statistics about the massive defection of working-class voters from the Left to the Front National. It's another to read about a handful of FN stalwarts leafleting at the gates of the Saint-Nazaire shipyards while a dozen CGTistes hand out Front de Gauche leaflets a few yards away. Yes, there were shouts of "facho!" and "coco!" flying back and forth at times, but, as Pascal said, les extrêmes se touchent. This was peaceful, on the whole, and these ship workers seem to resent the ecologists, who want to prohibit extension of the port, more than those on the other side of the left-right divide. There is no more culture de gauche. All that remains is a culture de ressentiment--against elites, Europe, the government, and the rich. It is the kind of terreau in which all sorts of things can grow.