Friday, March 20, 2015

Macron Explains His Law

I wish I had been there. According to Patrick Roger, Emmanuel Macron won over an initially hostile audience by sheer force of logic and persuasive power. I'd like to believe it, since I believe that reforms of the sort the Macron Law attempts are useful and necessary, although the law itself is too modest and unfocused in its ambitions and unlikely to achieve much. If it's a first step, however, it has to be defended, and apparently Macron defended it ably, although the journalist gives us no inkling of how he made his case. Since most pundits are assuring us that the electorate is in no mood to listen to rational explanations of policy and would prefer to vent its wrath by casting protest votes for the FN or the UMP, Macron's apparent success is an anomaly that calls for explanation.