Thursday, April 9, 2015

Jihad on TV5Monde

As I sat down last night to watch the JT 20h de France2 on TV5Monde, as I do most nights, I expected to see a recap of the Le Pen vs. Le Pen heavyweight cage match. Instead I saw a screen announcing that for technical reasons, the program could not be presented. Only this morning did I learn the reason: the international French channel had been hacked by cyberjihadists from ISIS. Srsly? as the kids say. This hits home! Taking over Iraq and Syria is one thing, but interfering with Plus Belle la Vie is another! C'est la guerre jusqu'au bout ...

Le Parti Républicain

Nicolas Sarkozy has hit upon the winning strategy. Tired of hearing his UMP linked inextricably to its supposed mirror image on the left, the PS, via the Le Penist amalgam UMPS, he has decided to rename his party Le Parti républicain. "« C'est le bon mot car la République, c'est ce qui rassemble le plus », a-t-il déclaré." One used to say, la République, c'est ce qui divise le moins, but what's the difference? Anyway, the UMP ceased to have any meaning when it went from being the Union de la Majorité Présidentielle to the Union d'un Mouvement Populaire, faute de président. What popular movement? What union? So, RIP UMP. Hello, Republican Party (but didn't France already have one of those?) It will be a clarifying move for Americans, who are used to a political contest between Republicans and Kenyan Socialists.