Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Mélenchon's Herring Sticks in Duflot's Throat

So much for the Front Écolo-Pinko. Jean-Luc Mélenchon has written an apparently incendiary screed entitled "Bismarck's Herring," an attack on Germany, or, more precisely, on those misguided souls who take Germany's apparent economic success as reason to emulate its wrong-headed "ordoliberal" thinking about economics. Duflot sees in her erstwhile ally's book a "Déroulèdian" attack on a country that is not France's Enemy. As far as I'm concerned, the chief interest of this scrap in a teacup is that it will serve to remind the young collègiens in whose tender minds la classe politique entière has taken an inordinate interest these past few weeks of the existence of the unlamented nationalist Paul Déroulède, founder of the Ligue des Patriotes and revanchard extraordinaire. They might learn something about the history of the Republic in whose name everyone is shouting at everyone else by reading a bit about M. Déroulède.