Friday, February 26, 2016

Perfidious Albion Digression

Even the confirmed Francocentric must occasionally glance across the channel. I hereby offer a few thoughts on Brexit, with thanks to William Shakespeare.


bernard said...

Bravo: excellent article with which I couldn't agree more. Your description of Boris Johnson is both hilarious and spot on. Just one note of caution: from my six years in the UK in the 1990s, I remember concluding that British polling was of generally appalling quality, perhaps like Iowa polling. Either the electorate was especially fickle or the papers didn't spend the amount they should for serious polling.

bert said...

Two points.
First, there's a French plan underway right now to close the Jungle. The idea, apparently, is to bulldoze the camp and process those in it, offering either settlement in France or deportation elsewhere under Dublin rules. A judicial ruling setting the plan in motion was expected this past week, but was postponed. The assumption is it won't be postponed for long.
Second, I'd argue the most substantial concession extracted by Cameron wasn't on ever closer union. I think most people see that as symbolic, although it may help to steer precedent in the ECJ. Rather, it was the one François Hollande had most difficulty with - the problem of eurozone ins and outs and the management of business between them.

Overall, your piece is excellent. You're exactly right to focus on the Tory party's neurotic internal politics. It's been a source of nonsense on Europe for a long time, caused huge damage in the 90's, and is working its foul magic again.
Your excursions outside French politics have all been good reads. Can I suggest a piece to pitch? A comparison of first-round/second-round Le Pen/Chirac with primary/general Trump/Clinton.

One small request. You wouldn't refer to cheese eating surrender monkeys. If you possibly can, leave talk of perfidious Albion to limpwitted nationalists. It sits far better with them.

Best wishes as ever,

Michael Wells said...

Thanks for an excellent article. For those of us here in the UK puzzled by Boris Johnson's motivation a little illumination is to be found on Pride's Purge blog