Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Hollande Renounces and Is Renounced, along with Sarkozy

François Hollande has abandoned his proposed constitutional amendment to strip nationality from convicted terrorists. Having torn his party apart for nothing, he has now given up on his symbolic but futile assertion of toughness.

Meanwhile, polling indicates that the French do not want to see a rerun of the 2012 Hollande-Sarkozy presidential contest. They want both candidates to be replaced by others. Quelle surprise!

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Alexandra Marshall said...

On this latest episode, even if it ends well (the déchéance was cynical and unjust), I stand back more flabbergasted than ever at the performance of this cretin. WHO IS ADVISING HOLLANDE? And do they secretly hate him? This was a complete squandering of a rare moment of goodwill post-attacks, needlessly antagonizing his all-but-disappeared base, made him look out of touch not just with his party but the actual constitution, got him a spanking by the senate, and for nothing. This compounds the failure narrative already in play with El Khomri (never mind that almost all of those rollbacks were just). Polls said a majority of French people supported this bizarre and pointless motion but did no one actually game out what would happen once it hit the floor of the Assemblé and Senate? I thought Hollande was supposed to be cautious and conciliatory. I think the man has gone off his meds. He seems to be literally flying by the seat of his pants.

As far as Sarko, I rub my hands together in glee. Here's hoping they fast-track this thing.