Thursday, September 29, 2016

La Nuit des Couteaux Longs

There used to be honor among thieves, but no longer. Jean-François Copé, evidently bitter at being left to swing slowly, slowly in the wind in the Bygmalion affair, has unloaded on Nicolas Sarkozy and, less predictably, on François Fillon:

Alors le candidat à la primaire des Républicains, sûr de son destin, sourd aux quolibets, s’emballe. Et déballe. Il pense avoir été la victime d’un complot politico-judiciaire, orchestré par Nicolas Sarkozy et François Fillon, désireux de régler son compte à leur ennemi commun en lui faisant payer les (fausses) factures de l’UMP. Jean-François Copé, entre rancune et revanche, accuse.
What a sordid business! What a lovely party.


bernard said...

Only slightly less predictably if you forget the epic fight between Copé and Fillon to become the boss of UMP a few years ago. Incidentally, why couteaux longs and not longs couteaux?

Massilian said...

come on...why this barely diguised reference to June 1934 and the Night of the long knives....? Why make this useless point Godwin...? This is just another brawl between cheap scrap yard thugs. This is not the first one, it isn't that spectacular and there will be plenty more.
And I don't think the Parti Socialist smells any better...

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