Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Open Racism

French racists no longer even try to hide their true colors. Eric Zemmour presented his new book (a compilation of his columns over the past 5 years) to a large crowd in Versailles, where he was interviewed on stage by Marion Maréchal-Le Pen. The master of ceremonies introduced him thus:
« Ici, vous êtes en famille. Pas de SOS-Racisme, pas de LICRA [Ligue internationale contre le racisme et l’antisémitisme]. »
But who can be shocked any longer in the age of Donald Trump? Zemmour did not disappoint his audience:
Le journaliste ne craint pas d’adopter une posture maximaliste. C’est même ce que son public lui réclame, à grand renfort d’applaudissements. « C’est un défi civilisationnel que nous lance l’islam, estime-t-il. L’islam est conquérant par essence (…). A toutes les frontières de l’islam, il y a la guerre. Toutes les frontières de l’islam cèdent. »
Cette religion, « incompatible » selon lui avec la République, la laïcité, la démocratie, ou tout simplement la France, aurait investi des champs délaissés, le « pouvoir viril, l’autorité, la hiérarchie, la spiritualité ». Une situation rendue possible par la discrétion supposée du christianisme, et surtout la trahison d’élites qui ont fait alliance « avec le nouveau peuple arabo-musulman contre le vieux peuple français ».
François Hollande said yesterday in remarks directed at Nicolas Sarkozy, if the right in France pursues this course on which it seems doggedly set, there will be civil war. The phrase was not well-chosen. A "civil war" against a minority of 8 percent is not a war but a massacre. The "virile power" that Zemmour calls for will have blood on its hands. These people must be stopped, but with the left in total disintegration, is there anyone left to stop them?


Vintage Maison said...

Isn't he the guy who says that babies should be named with a typical French name? From someone named 'Eric' that's a bit rich!

bernard said...

No question this is disgusting hatred from this Z person. On the other hand, let us keep our calm. Thanks to the checks and balances in the French system (and the wisdom of our socialist parliamentarians), none of the proposals contemplated in the shock of the Bataclan and which would have directed France in the direction chosen by the US after 9/11 and which would have violated the principles of our constitution including its preamble, none of these proposals have come to pass contrary to what you feared very much at the time. France has gotten tough on islamic terrorists - unfortunately mostly homegrown -. Tough enough, not tough enough, I do no have the information necessary to judge and am thus left to hope that it's just tough the right way, but what I am sure of is that our fundamental liberties have not been reduced in any substantial way by the state of emergency. Protesters have been allowed to protest, there have been countless authorized demonstrations against many issues including of course the new labor law, many unfortunately marked by violence from, should I say, both sides. What other country living under a state of emergency could boast this? France is still France in all its ways, including its progressive ways and, yes, including its racist idiots.

Anonymous said...

Calling the republican opposition 'racist" seems to have worked wonders for the French Left. By all means, keep it up.