Wednesday, October 12, 2016

My Great Depression

New Prospect column here.


matthew kuipers said...

i suspect many share your opinion
maybe the truth lies in: It survived as an awkward, oft-patched compromise among nations that surrendered just enough sovereignty to anger domestic electorates and foment populist protest but not enough to deal effectively with simultaneous and convergent crises
pleased you coupled de gaulle & thatcher
re draghi ... fascinating for he has been on both sides of the fence
& ...? been found wanting on both sides
re merkel ... agree but for a politician to do this ...? that is 'an extremely confused, complicated, or embarrassing situation' aka 'imbroglio'
but not prompted by aleppo
sadly it has been with the it / eu for a long long time

Anonymous said...

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bharti sharma said...

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FrédéricLN said...

I can only share your feelings, Art.

Yet I try "optimism of the will", with an argument as follows: if

a) snake oil vendors meet a broad success among citizens, and

b) citizens as a whole are trustworthy ("the belief in the other one, that's what made me a Democrat", as Barack Obama wrote around 2006),

that implies that

c) competitor of snake oil vendors deliver very poorly.

And in my humble opinion, they could and should deliver much more. That's why I'm not a great fan of Hollande's or Juppé's cautious conversatism (in the meaning of : keep things going as they go). Perhaps I misunderstood Juppé. And I don't know well Hilary Clinton's agenda.

Sure, Stresemann was a great statesman. But he died in 1929. "Comparaison n'est pas raison", and I still hope alternatives to Goebels can succeed.

(As we say in France, mode pub on — here starts an ad : — here stops the ad).