Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Has Martine Aubry Thrown Her Hat in the Ring?

Today's stinging rebuke to the recent turn in the Hollande-Valls approach to governing features the name Martine Aubry in its headline, Among her fellow signatories are several of the people associated with the "primary of all the left" petition launched a couple of weeks ago. Tomorrow, the petitioners will hold a rally in Lille, and Aubry herself is scheduled to put in an appearance (although it is not clear that she will speak). Is she inching toward a candidacy? Sending a signal to Hollande? Attempting to pre-empt possible competitors on the left flank (such as Arnaud Montebourg, whose candidacy is already under way)?

A supporter of Montebourg (and backer of Aubry in 2012) assured me last week that Aubry had decided not to run. If she does run, the calculations of potential Montebourg supporters may change. Aubry would be an altogether more serious challenger than Montebourg, in my estimation. But does she really want to go for it? That remains the question, but it looks as though she may be preparing to get off the fence.