Saturday, March 5, 2016


Despite my concerns, expressed in yesterday's post, about Juppé lack of skill as a retail politician, he continues to widen his lead over Sarkozy in polls. According to Le Monde, Sarkozy has therefore to decided to emulate the political juggernaut of the hour, one Donald Trump--thus giving a whole new meaning to the epithet Sarkozy l'Américain. But thus far the emulation is only superficial. To be sure, both men are married to former models, but Sarkozy has yet to boast about his anatomical proportions. He has, however, begun to characterize his opponent as "the candidate of the elite." This doesn't quite rise to Trumpian levels of character assassination. He might try "low energy" (although peu dynamique doesn't quite have the necessary punch). If anyone on the French scene can do a convincing Trump-l'oeil, it would have to be Sarkozy, but Sarkozy lacks the requisite experience with professional wrestling and reality TV to be really convincing as a con man.

As I remarked on Facebook, if the Trumpesque idea is to build a wall around France and have the Germans pay for it, they already tried this with the Maginot line and WW I reparations, and it didn't work out that well.