Friday, January 6, 2017

Jean-Marie Lends Marine €6 Million

Marine Le Pen is borrowing €6 million from her dad for her campaign. So much for the de-demonization via estrangement theme.

In other news regarding FN financing, the Russian bank that lent the FN €4 million in 2014 has gone bankrupt, and a Russian banking oversight agency is asking for the money back. Whether the overseer is acting independently or for "political reasons" remains ambiguous (the Kremlin may have decided that it has a better shot of obtaining influence in France by backing Fillon, who is friendly with Putin, rather than Le Pen).

Finally, Le Monde claims that Russian official were overheard discussing the usefulness of rewarding Marine Le Pen for her support of the Russian annexation of Crimea:

En avril 2015, des conversations piratées de responsables du Kremlin posaient la question d’un arrière-plan politique à ces transactions financières, les intéressés évoquant la façon dont Marine Le Pen devait être « remerciée » pour son soutien à l’annexion de la Crimée, en mars 2014.

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Tim said...

It is becoming increasingly obvious the Franco-American jounrnalist Christopher Dickey is in the tank for Le Pen and her fascist/neo Nazi views. It is time to call him out.