Thursday, January 12, 2017

Marine Le Pen in Trump Tower


Alexandra Marshall said...

The word is she was "having coffee" with Guido what'shisface from the Northern League. Just happened to be in NYC? Dropping by Trump Tower? I hate to resort to rank sexism but this makes her look desperate and stalkery, showing up but not getting an audience. Certainly C list as a player in the new alt-right elite. All this catty shit matters when it comes to perceptions of strength and power. I am gaining in confidence that she will not be France's next president. For now, at least.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, apparently she just "had coffee" there because she wanted to be photographed there. She didn't meet with anyone in the Trump team, nor with the Trump family. A staged Photo-op. Don't know how it'll be seen, but it looked like "I'm a fan" rather than "we're equals in our respective countries".

Cincinna said...

The Atrium at Trump Tower, where the staged PR photo was taken, is a public space open to all. In what appears to be a desperate attempt to link herself to President-elect Trump, whom she wrongly presumes to be on the same team as she, the four of them just walked in, sat down, ordered coffee, had their picture taken, and left.
President-Elect Trump was not in NY today, and MLP did not meet with anyone from the Trump family, the Trump Organization, or the new Presidential team.
This incident highlights just what a mediocre politician she is, and how desperate her team is.
Although MLP is ahead in the french polls, I agree with the OP that she is not a strong candidate, and will most likely not be elected President...this time around. Once her father passes on, and the shadow of his fascist past recedes, she might have a chance.
IMO the de-diabolisation of the FN, and the Dallas -sur-Seine soap opera squabbles in the family was a fake.The old coot recently lent (gave) MLP €6 million for her campaign.
I don't think MLP can divorce herself from her father. The real danger is Baby le Pen.

Alexandra Marshall said...

Baby Le Pen is the one who scares me most too. She's a less-stupid Sarah Palin who seems to be learning as she goes. I can't decide if Dallas-sur-Seine is psyops on their part or also real. I confess I don't see them as that brilliantly sneaky to stage an elaborate charade. Jean-Marie is messy as hell. The Trump non-visit is just so amateur hour and sloppy. They seem more like buffoons to me.

Though of course recent events have me far less dismissive of buffoons.

Anonymous said...

May this image "go viral" in France, with the result that Fillon and Valls and Macron and Montebourg and Hamon, etc., take full advantage of the perception Le Pen's toadying to Trump.

Cincinna said...

@Alexandra Marshall. Underestimate the le Pens at your own peril. They are an experienced, canny bunch who as a movement, have survived and flourished for more than half a century. I don't believe the conditions in France are such at this time that a national socialist would be elected.
I don't think any of the candidates running can solve the problems facing France, an other European countries, and stave off the inevitable. I have believed for quite some time that the traditional left/right cleavage is no longer relevant.
In the US, Donald Trump is the most striking example of this. He has nothing in common with the "extreme far right" in France, which is, for the most part, support of the existing french top down big government bureaucratic welfare state system. The reason Donald Trump won, is eight years of Obama.

Mitch Guthman said...

Apparently Trump Tower is now for fascists what Lourdes is for hunchbacks.

Anonymous said...

Correcting Cincinna: The reason Trump won is 20 years of Fox News and more than that of Limbaugh, etc.

Art Goldhammer said...

But Ms. Le Pen’s stop on Thursday at Trump Tower wasn’t by chance, and it was not unrelated to Mr. Trump. The night before, she had been honored at a cocktail party in the Trump Tower apartment of a right-leaning political operative with ties to Mr. Trump’s team and to far-right leaders across Europe. And even if no meeting occurred, the spectacle of Ms. Le Pen in Trump Tower ricocheted across the world on social media.

“She did meet people who were eager to meet with her — businessmen, civil servants, people from different parts of the political spectrum,” Denis Franceskin, the United States and Canada director for Ms. Le Pen’s party, the National Front, said in a telephone interview.

“There were people who wanted to meet her, who know her a bit and who want to know what kind of woman she was, what type of person.”

The political operative she went to meet at Trump Tower, George G. Lombardi, is a businessman who has made a career as a liaison between two right-wing Italian political parties — the Northern League and Forza Italia — and like-minded people in the United States. He has also worked with the National Front since 2012, Mr. Franceskin said.

bernard said...

you must not say national socialist, they'll sue you. You must say social nationalist. They can't sue you then.