Tuesday, February 28, 2017

First They Came for the Workers ...

The Front National, we hear constantly, is now the leading party of the French working class. Apparently it has taken over the peasant class as well. Perhaps it should be renamed the National Farmers and Workers Party. But the working and peasant classes are a declining proportion of the electorate, so the question remains, How many bobos has Marine Le Pen? I keep thinking about that FN chapter at Sciences Po. Harbinger of things to come?


FrédéricLN said...

Ms Le Pen suggests to take financial support to agriculture (PAC) down from the European level, to a national one. This is absolutely relevant, I think : we got the same finding by different approaches of the issue with different interlocutors. European PAC was the right way to foster larger production for larger towns, an industrial way. Now, value comes from harmony with "terroir" (Engl. = ?), the local environment. Bruxelles is in a worse position than Paris to appreciate.

But PS, LR, Macron as ar as I know, remain loyal to TINA. Paving the road for FN.

bert said...

”Terroir” is used in English, but only in the specific context of French wine.

baronniesereinedecaux said...

I just live here so am not sneering at anyone but she has tremendous support from women and young people. Macron is not trusted. I think there's a good chance she will win. I think your blog is reflecting a little too much what you reading in French media. Come down to the Midi and your eyes may open.

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