Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Fronde Anti-Fillon

Two more nails in Fillon's coffin? Or perhaps he's pried one of them out, while the other has yet to be driven firmly home. His campaign spokesman Thierry Solère has been accused of tax fraud by Le Canard enchaîné, which is having quite a year. And 17 LR deputies met last night and asked the candidate to withdraw for the good of the party. Today, Fillon met behind closed doors with the LR group in parliament, however, and won a reprieve. The 17 withdrew their request for now. But stay tuned.


Alexandra Marshall said...

And now after yesterday's Sarko lunch, we have the announcement that FF's affair is not getting dropped. Comments sections are most delightful reads right now. How much more time do we give him before he's pushed?

Anonymous said...

The judge wants to signal that even if he won't be indicted in time for the election, the current state of the investigation shows he will be, at some point.
What's the point of electing a president who could be indicted at any time?