Sunday, March 19, 2017

Hamon Speech

Excellent speech by Benoît Hamon. Mélenchon is often praised as the orator of this campaign, but Hamon is better in my opinion.

Benoît Hamon en meeting à Bercy


mpz13 said...

I too was really impressed by Hamon's speech, but most of all by Queen Taubira, she was royal. She was hovering way above the lowly political contingencies, she was Athena Pallas, cloak, owl, helmet and spear, with her low calm but powerful voice, she raised the spirits with a smile " nous sommes invincibles !" and she distilled some poisonous venom with cold elegance. In a very hugolian way, short sentences and powerful words, she smote the "petits" would be Bonaparte and their "tentations dans l'air". It may not change one tenth of one percent in the next bloody polls, but merde, when Christiane speaks, I may be stupid but I am somehow proud to be French...

Anonymous said...

Dear mpz:

Well, Christine Taubira, the anti-French Guyannaise, is now a French patriot. Your adoration notwithstanding, the most "hugolien" thing about Christine Taubira is her love of the limelight.
Pallas Athena indeed: Pallas was a daughter of Triton (a sea god), and, according to some later sources, a childhood friend of Athena. In one telling, Pallas and Athena practice the arts of war together until one day they have a falling out. As Pallas is about to strike Athena, Zeus intervenes. With Pallas stunned by a blow from Zeus, Athena takes advantage and kills her. Distraught over what she has done, Athena takes the name Pallas for herself.In any case, Athena kills Pallas, accidentally, and thereby gains the name for herself.
How apt for Christine Taubira to now cloak herself in the garb of "Marianne"!

Anonymous said...

What anonymous above wrote above makes no sense.
Christiane Taubira is a superbly educated politician, the kind of person who quintessentially represents Eternal France as we see it around the world - eloquent, literary, full of quotes (or, 'the idea of France '.)
There was a fun program tonight on C8 where the major candidates were interviewed by children from Children's Councils. They were carefully selected for their curiosity and dynamism, then briefed on the candidates' biography (where they went to school, etc), they read about their platform on simplified form. Emmanuel Macron has to explain the difference between right and left, Francois Fillon had to explain why all his friends had left him, Benoit Hamon had to explain revenu universal, Jean Luc Melenchon had to explain why he admired the island of Cuba. They all had to take a test. Francois Fillon used to be a boy scouts had to eat bugs and Beloit Hamon had to recycle a variety of products in the proper bins due to being 'green'. They all had to tell a dreadful 'betise'.Macron ate glass for a bet, Hamon was in a kids' gang and he tied a rival to a tree except they forgot him, Fillon did terrible things to an English teacher he hated.
All in all it wasn't pointless at all. It was a pleasant way to hear about the platforms.

Anonymous said...

^ Myos

mpz13 said...

Dear An Onymous,
the quote from wikipedia you used should include this : "In fact, "Pallas" is derived either from πάλλω, "brandish" (as a weapon), or, more likely, from παλλακίς and related words, "youth, young woman." The story that Athena kills a friend or relation called "Pallas" and takes the name to honor her is only attested quite late, in Apollodorus and Philodemus; it seems to have been invented to explain the name.
But what Anon Ymous answered is right, your comment makes no sense, it is childish purée splatter.
What I heard when I listened to Christiane Taubira yesterday was the ample breath of the likes of René Char fo exemple. When she stated with a smile " vous savez, nous sommes invincibles", I had to smile too, because she was speaking in Braudelien language or maybe she was more simply rephrasing in her own terms one of my favorite advice from Madiba : " I never loose. Either I win, either I learn".
Yes, some people ride higher and with better horses.

Espírito da Floresta said...

I really appreciate your blog. But it's seems that there's some strange lack of a non-biased coverage on Melenchon's campaign. It's going to be a little bit of Hamon-Macron-Fillon-Hamon-Macron-Le Pen thing and that's boring. Not a word on this epic event ?: Hamon's still the best "orator" with his "excellent speech" with no reasonable argument, just an opinion ? Best,

bert said...

Arun was at the march. A report and some nice photos at his place.

baronniesereinedecaux said...

Hamon just awful in the debate. Totally uninspiring.