Friday, March 10, 2017

Le Pen the Future?

Even if she doesn't win this time, Marine Le Pen's popularity among younger voters bodes ill for the future:


TexExile said...

This reminds me of something I've been discussing with friends and neighbours of late. We all see plenty of canvassers out for the various candidates, at the market around the metro, etc. I have seen exactly none for Hamon since he won the nomination of the triply misnamed Belle Alliance Populaire and none for Fillon since the Penelopegate story erupted in January. En Marche is everywhere and the rest are more or less in evidence, but almost all of the activists are old. Most of Macron's could be his grandparents. With a handful of exceptions, the young people out canvassing are for Marine, which is deeply unsettling.

Justine said...

This poll is very surprising. First time I see these kinds of results. Could you give the source please, I would like to read more about it (I thinks there is a typo for the age range 35-49?).
First time I post a comment but I read your blog regularly

Unknown said...

The source is the Financial Times article linked in the post.

Anonymous said...

About the FN, I read this today, about the "Gay friendly Fn"