Thursday, March 9, 2017

Nail-Biting Time

A new poll shows the race settling into a two-person contest between Macron and Le Pen, but Fillon is hanging on to his ~20%, while Macron's support is remarkably soft, with 58% of his voters saying they could still change their minds, compared with only 24% of Le Pen's voters. With the left-wing candidates going nowhere, it's not clear where Macron's supporters would go if they lose confidence in him.


bert said...

The split?
Interesting but unknowable to consider who leaked it and why.

The authors jumped ship already.
What matters presumably is the response of the addressees.

vendredi (n): sellout day

FrédéricLN said...

The point is clear: at the exception of some long-time supporters of Arthaud (LO), Asselineau (pro-Frexit) and of course Le Pen (immigrants are foes), ~80% of voters haven't found yet somebody they deeply support. That happens in many elections, for sure. But as widely of that, I can't remember. Not that the candidates would be much worse that, say, in 2012. It's the situation.

LePenforFreedom2017 said...

I'm an American, so I can't vote in France....but I'm All For Marine Le Pen!!!!