Sunday, March 5, 2017

The Fillon Rally: You Are There

Thanks to Arun Kapil, an eyewitness account.

My article on the state of the race should appear in The American Prospect tomorrow. Stay tuned.


bernard said...

they say Juppé will renounce tomorrow at his press conference...

Lapinot said...

Considering his claims of 200 000 marchers, and his claims that television stations reported his wife's suicide, and his declarations that he isn't autistic, I have to wonder what Fillon would look like if he weren't so honest and compassionate.

bert said...

Arun also posted a link to an excellent piece I'd otherwise have missed, starting in Vichy and moving on to Trump.

If anyone's interested, I noticed Art's unsleeping fanclub of spammers were successfully getting links into comments, and thought I'd try to figure out what was happening. It seems the problem was with quotemarks inside the tag (doublequotes were causing Blogger's backend code to parse incorrectly).

To include a link in your comment, you can use this:

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It's just plain vanilla HTML.
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