Friday, April 28, 2017

Another Rat Boards the (Hopefully) Sinking Ship

Présidentielle : Nicolas Dupont-Aignan apporte son soutien à Marine Le Pen


Anonymous said...

Ick! To the extent I thought about the man I had him down for a semi-respectable one, since I assumed that there was some principled reason he kept away from the FN. I've always thought that the real danger for France was not the FN gaining power but the mainstream right becoming indistinguishable from the FN. This is a bad sign for that reason.

Anonymous said...

Shame, Monsieur Dupont-Aignan!

Mitch Guthman said...

I would generally agree with Anonymous. It is disappointing that a man who calls himself a "gaullist" would back a candidate that De Gaulle would wipe off of his shoe. On this other hand, this seems to be the only defection from the leadership of the "respectable right", which is encouraging.

It seems to me that MLP has missed her window of opportunity. I really expected that she would unleash a perfectly coordinated blitzkrieg the moment the polls closed after the first round. My perceptions my be faulty due to distance and lack of facility with the language but she seems to me to have stumbled badly out of the gate.

As I've mentioned before, the amount of time between the rounds in French elections is extremely small so that every minutes counts. MLP has very limited times to make really inroads on a candidate who is perhaps 20 points or more ahead. She seems to have squandered too much time; I no longer think that Marine Le Pen can win.

Anonymous said...

The role of Dupont-Aignan in French politics has been to let Gaullists who are disgusted with the EU express themselves politically. They are run of the mill French right-wingers who strongly object to France's Europe policy, but don't want to contaminate their protest vote on Europe with the Vichy-inspired, anti-Islam muck of the FN. Well, good for them: this attitude strengthens the cordon sanitaire around the FN and weakens the right in presidential elections. (For some reason - it must be a coincidence given his minuscule score - I happen to know more than my fair share of elderly Dupont-Aignan voters: conservative Paris academics, aunts-of-friends from Normandy, and an odd gamut of fellow Basques from my native Hendaye. I've always thought that their choice was an eccentric but respectable one.)

Dupont-Aignan's attitude has become untenable because the mainstream right, led by Fillion, Sarkozy and their cadets, has moved so close to the FN on "cultural" issues like Islam. Debout la France was never to the *left* of the gaullist mainstream on non-Europe issues: now that the cultural mainstream of the right is so close to the FN, how could its small anti-Europe splinter resist Le Pen? Dupont-Aignan could have if he had any character, but he is a thoroughly mediocre man. I suspect that a real political talent in his position might have made something out of it. Still, the rapid transformation of the AfD from an anti-Euro party to what it is today should be a lesson to eurosceptic left-wingers like me who would like to separate anti-EU sentiment from the dreck of the old, eternal right. Fortunately Dupont-Aignan is a nobody who will move the polls a point or two at most.

And this whole business obliges me to give credit to the despicable Fillion! Good for him for maintaining the cordon sanitaire; I'm sure that it was hard for him to endorse Macron, and unlike Bertrand he had nothing to gain from doing so.

Anonymous said...

There's no whore like an old whore--see below (from the NY Times):

If Elected, Le Pen to Name Former Rival as Prime Minister

Marine Le Pen, the far-right French presidential candidate, said she had reached an agreement with Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, a fellow Euroskeptic.