Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Mélenchon on RTL This Morning

Jean-Luc Mélenchon, latecomer to the tête de peloton, was on RTL this morning and acquitted himself admirably. This is the setting in which I find him most effective: not alone on the platform, in the flesh or in hologram, but with a decent sparring partner whose blows he can duck and return with a flurry of punches. JLM's great gift, compared with his rivals, is that he can actually think on his feet. He seems to converse rather than return prepared talking points, and his language is rich even when improvised. Agree or disagree with him on the issues--and I emphatically disagree on many--he comes across as a thoughtful human being, not an automaton. That already puts him streets ahead of the others. Alas.

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Anonymous said...

As mentioned in another reply, I was surprised to see two types of 'new' Melenchon voters. One is a traditionalist who would have happily voted for Fillon but can't bring himself to supporting a corrupt candidate who was chosen as a 'cleaner than sarko' candidate. They may have disagreed with Dillon so feel okay disagreeing with Melenchon, and like him for his knowledge of French history, his use of the French language. He appeals to them as an older statesman. They say stuff like 'even de gaulle talked with communists and Melenchon isn't really a communist anyway'. It's totally mind-boggling.
Although my guess is that both will.safely vote for their LR representative during the general elections.
Then you have people who liked Nicolas Sarkozy 's forceful style, the sense he would throw the table or at least bang his fist on it.
Those who fear cultural changes and see any religion beside Catholicism as a problem are already firmly entrenched in the vote bleu marine.
People seem to be choosing on style, rather than substance. (Watch Marine Lepen alone on the white cliffs facing the bright sea).
hitch may have happened before of course, but not really a cross party lines. It's like ideology doesn't matter in the least.
Someone's told me 'I voted for Sarko and he didn't do anything good for us, I voted for Hollande but he didn't do what he'd promised, so now I choose based on the guy, is he trustworthy?" BTW I heard this reflexion from two different people, one father of two who'd voted Fillon in the primaries and one activist young man who had imagined casting his first vote as a protest vote and ended up choosing Hamon.
Part of me can't believe Melenchon will score that high, but at this point the only sure thing is that Hamon will not be in the second round.