Thursday, April 13, 2017

Mélenchon, totalitarian

Laurent Berger, the head of France's largest trade union, the CFDT, said today that Mélenchon has a "rather totalitarian vision" of government. I'm not sure that this approach will work any better than the Remain campaign's approach in the UK, but the language reflects the high anxiety that is now afflicting the entire political class from Hollande on down. They were confident of beating Le Pen; they're not as confident of beating Mélenchon.


Anonymous said...

Mélenchon is certainly no totalitarian, whatever his faults. Berger may be trying to get him to talk about Venezuela, however: that is a vulnerable spot for JLM. I like the man, but I was a bit taken aback to read in Liberation that he proposes that France, or France's South American DOM/TOMs, should join some "Bolivarian" organizations which have a rather suspect membership: Venezuela and Cuba, with Iran, Syria and Russia as observers.

Anonymous said...

Until now, nobody took Melenchon seriously so he got a pass on his platform. And it's quite possible that it's now too late to get to voters, since the elections are in about a week.

Lapinot said...

All four are within the margin of error according to Ipsos for Le Monde today. Macron and Le Pen on 22%, Melenchon on 20% and Fillon on 19%. So we may well see his style of government for ourselves.