Friday, April 28, 2017

Sans Commentaire: Jalkh Resigns From FN Presidency

Editorial du « Monde ». Ce n’est pas une péripétie. Ce n’est pas insignifiant. Ce n’est pas un « détail », est-on tenté de dire. Le président par intérim du Front national (FN), Jean-François Jalkh, a été contraint, vendredi 28 avril, à démissionner. Nommé il y a quelques jours à la tête du FN par Mme Marine Le Pen qui, par ce geste, entendait séduire au-delà de son électorat habituel, M. Jalkh s’est vu reprocher un passé « négationniste ». Le chef d’une formation dont la candidate, Mme Le Pen, guigne la plus haute fonction élective en France doutait de la réalité des chambres à gaz durant la deuxième guerre mondiale.


Anonymous said...

Well, if Jalkh is a holocaust-denier, can Marine Le Pen keep the muck from sticking to her, the repression of her obviously anti-Semitic Dad being therefore without effect for purposes of anyone who might be wavering about voting for her?

I can only hope the latest news shaves off a few more votes come May 7. If only the indictment for misuse of funds when she was a deputy in the European Parliament would come before that date!

Anonymous said...

Macron was effective when he asked she demote her father after his 'indignes' comments regarding Xavier Jugele, the police officer shot by a terrorist on Champs Elysees, reminding everyone he is still 'president d'honneur' of the FN. After the Oradour visit*, he's doing his best to remind people of what the extreme right means, even when it hides in pretty clothes.
Because Xavier Jugele fell to a terrorist and because homophobia has become as noxious as racism, LePen 's declaration reminds everyone of the 'old' FN and therefore of what the party can stand for. If JMLP remains president d'honneur it'll be easy to remember people again and again.

* I've been. It is very affecting. You can see the villagers in the ruins, school kids all rounded up and burned alive in a church filled with explosives.

Anonymous said...

Also, I don't think that AZ t choice was a slip up at all. I think it was a dog whistle to the traditional extreme right militants who may be confused to hear the 'candidate DE l'ordre ' say she, too, is 'insoumise '.

Anonymous said...

*Jakhl not AZ t