Thursday, April 20, 2017

Scott Sayare on Le Pen and the Press

Excellent. Here.


Ghodekar Kajal Tukaram said...

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Anonymous said...

Turned to F2 at 8 foe the news and guess what? Instead of 9pm that's when the special '15 MN to convince ' started!
And WHO was rhebfirsr guest, picked from a hat? Melenchon. And he was very good. Basically Lea Salami served him with 'heir to DeGaulle' and he ran with it, adding Mitterrand to his heritage. He was both jocular ('mom, patrol') and smart. I never thought he had a shot at being in the runoff, but after this I'm not so sure.
MLP on the other hand was bad. Her object had personal meaning and surely sent a message to specific people (like, those who were present when the small business owner gave them) but I'm not sure what she meant, if she can have the keys to a small business, it means people trust her to rule the country? Then, when asked what she'd tell retirees who worry their pensions and investment will lose 10-15% value if France goes back to the 'Franc' , she basically answered 'whatever'then added 'the Euro has lost in value before and no pension's gone down.' I don't know how it's sounded to the random retiree without a degree but to me it sounded like BS.
I didn't see Fillon because I was absorbed by the drama on Champs Elysee. My first reaction was 1) French anti terrorist police are awesome and more and more trained 2) terrorists are losing.

Anonymous said...

Not 'mom, patrol ' but 'moi, pareil '. A French spoken expression.