Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The Last Roundup

There won't be a final debate before the first round, but there will be a program on France2 in which each of the 11 candidates will be interviewed for 15 minutes by 2 journalists (with 2 1/2 minutes additional for "droit de réponse"). It's an interesting gambit and strikes me as potentially more useful than yet another 11-way debate, but everything will depend on the ability of the journalists to get the candidates off their prepared talking points and into some sort of discussion. (This is not easy. I know: I've tried it with a few professional politicians, and avoiding any deviation into uncharted waters is what they excel at.) I'm not sure who will watch such a marathon, but there will probably be a large audience for the highlight reels, which could influence the final result with the race so close.


Laurent said...

French journalists don't strike me as trying to engage in a discussion either. They seem to focus on creating the most highlight-worthy sentence, treating their questions as baits to make the candidate fall into a 'trap'. Candidates would be foolish to depart from talking points and engage in any form of nuanced discourse, though to be fair I doubt many of them could indeed express a nuanced position on any given issue. Déformation professionnelle on both parts.

Anonymous said...

I was talking to my local Taxi driver the other day about the election and like all taxi drivers she had an opinion about the election ;
Basically she would not vote for Lepen as she is "obviously " the same as her father. Fillon is a thief plus identical to Lepen. Macron a Paris smooth talking man in a suit who says nothing but suggests lots of talking his idea of having new minsters in europe will solve nothing. The socialist is unmemorable what ever he is called and Melchon is the wild card unpredictable . She said she will go to the PMU instead :-) Echos of the famous song about the French Army pre WWII.
I visited the Market here in North Anjou wednesday only two parties bothered to canvass the crowd -Melchon supports very youthful and enthusiastic and Fillon supports mostly OAPs Male and looking depressed .

Anonymous said...

What's the famous song?

Here at the market, Macron, Hamon, Melenchon and FN enthusiasts.
The LR group has already set up shop there.... For the 'legislative '.