Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Yesterday's Debate

I missed yesterday's debate because I was in Toronto lecturing on the French election:

The press accounts and video clips suggest I didn't miss much, but if anyone has any thoughts on what transpired, please post in comments. For the rest of the week I will be at a conference in Madison on the EU, so posting may be slow or non-existent.


Massilian said...

As the pack enters the final straight, the dark witch is loosing ground, she seems weary, slow and with slurred speech. The short guy with a shaving problem is drifting, sucked in by the tide. The con man in the expensive suit doesn't remember his last week contrition and pretends he never made any mistake. Uncle Hukster is all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. The skinny good banker in the cheap suit with the dull tie remains steady.

bert said...

Your fave Poutou totally didn't want to be in a photo with those guys because they're like totally lame and he's like emo. He missed out on the front pages as a result.
Frederic's guy Lassalle seemed lovely right from his opening remarks about the long line of shepherds he comes from. He had an odd grin on his face throughout, as though he knew a joke had been told, hadn't understood it, but didn't want to miss the fun.

They were the two breakout stars. Of the established acts, none did great.
MLP particularly poor I thought. Like a boxer who makes up for being slow by having an iron jaw. The damage those guys pick up may not be obvious immediately but it tends to show up cumulatively in the end.

bernard said...

The thing about Poutou is he must have broken the world record for talking fast (as a result I couldn't understand half of what he said, make that a quarter). I doubt anyone else could follow, so his atempt at packing a lot of words in the minimum time may have misfired. Nice one though on Honest Fillon and the SozNat MLP.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Poutou 's main goal was to sound brilliant, technical, or presidential. He delivered his punch lines and main ideological points well. The spontaneous reaction of the well-mannered crowd was a testimony to his hitting the nail on the head.
MLP didn't do a good job. Melenchon stole the show at first with his dispute on nativity scenes in public spaces with Mlp, who was trying to say these aren't religious but merely 'traditional '. While I would admit it's true in Provence where you have entire creche villages of 'Santons ', anywhere else the nativity scenes aren't villages but reminders that Christmas can be seen as a Christian holiday.
Hamon's final speech was the best, with references to Pagnol, Chateaubriand, the Dogons, Portuguese builders and northern miners. It was the first time I heard the identity of France in the 21 St century articulated like that. I thought it hit everything right.
Jean Lasssalle was not quite prepared but he represented a real segment of France.
Francois Fillon was quiet. I'm sure people who liked him found him great and no one else.
All in all, I like how all candidates clearly master the French language and cultural references. What a contrast to the Republican primary debates which also had a dozen candidates.