Sunday, May 7, 2017

Early Data from FT

Interesting piece. (May be paywalled.)

Note the maps. Macron squeezed Le Pen back into her deepest redoubts, wiped out previous geographic gains. Only 10% of Mélenchon supporters crossed to Le Pen, well below the 18% predicted. Fillon voters did vote for Le Pen, however. The republican front collapsed on the right, not on the left. This augurs a hard-right turn for LR. If Wauquiez becomes the party leader, an alliance with the FN is possible, I wager.


Anonymous said...

Does this mean we have to root for Baroin? I will if I must, but I won't be happy about it...

Anonymous said...

It will be much better for France if the right-wing opposition keeps its distance from the FN (and from Debout la France, if they have any future). Considering how close not only Borloo but even Bertrand have moved to Macron, this will be a tall order. There needs to be a serious opposition to Macron which is distinguishable from the FN and the FDG. Otherwise, if Macron fails, there will be no alternative but the abyss.

Considering the state of the Socialist Party - reduced to almost nothing and divided between people like Hamon & Montebourg who are pretty close to JLM and people like Hollande and Valls who clearly support Macron - this task falls to LR. So good luck, François Baroin!