Monday, May 29, 2017

L'Esprit Public Canceled

It is Memorial Day here in the US, and I was saddened this morning to learn that one of my favorite France Culture programs, L'Esprit Public, which Philippe Meyer has produced for the past 19 years, will not be renewed. Unlike many political discussion shows, this one was always exemplary in its sobriety and depth. I, for one, will miss the weekly podcast. I hope M. Meyer finds a home on another station.


Robinson said...

Oh no! I listen to that podcast every week as I walk my dog- it is witty and intelligent and helps me keep up with France from abroad. Why ever would they cancel it?

Richard Mounts said...

Thanks for this post. Those are my feelings exactly. I've been an avid listener to L'Esprit Public for the last couple of years, ever since I read a reference of yours to the show. Likewise, I hope Philippe Meyer can continue the program on another station -- which provides podcasts.

Alexandra Marshall said...

DEVASTATING. WTF??? One of their people was thrown off a few months ago for being an open EM supporter. Is it related to that?

ledocs said...

I had just started listening to this at AG's suggestion, two whole episodes. This is awful. I too hope that Meyer can continue the podcast elsewhere, and I would like an explanation for the cancellation. This seems to happen every time I become attached to a French political gabfest. I used to watch "Weeklend l'Express" or whatever it was called, co-hosted by Christine Ockrent and Serge July, on Sunday night. That did not last long. And there have been others that I watched for a short time, before they ceased to exist. The political gabfests in France seem to have an ephemeral existence. This one did not, and I did not know about it. Quel dommage.

Anonymous said...

yes it will be dearly missed. In podcast or live at the public-radio offices it was fun and insightful especially with contributors that have lived out of this country and can see france from an outside eye. The moderate centrist gals or guys were the best contributors not the lefty 'jacobins'.

Not that it matters, okay the show is cancelled but nobody is stopping Philippe Meyer to do a spin-off on its own by publishing podcast only and where we can fund the show.
I am going to tell him that on the last live show on 6/25.

APM PBS have a lot of shows where the host ask for funding on the said show.
Why cant the french apply the same logic ?
Since the show is popular it will go on easily as a spin-off

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