Tuesday, May 9, 2017

What a Difference a Debate Makes

It looks as though the last debate really did turn things around. Had Le Pen behaved herself, she might have met expectations. But her self-redemonization sank her.


bernard said...

And it is the first time a second round debate does impact the vote. Previous debates did not. Macron was truly impressive in this debate.

Passerby said...

The day after the debate, I was in Lausanne where I met a Swiss acquaintance. Nice guy, definitely leaning on the conservative side.

As soon as he saw me he brought up the debate. I asked if he had seen it. His answer was terse: "Before I really liked Marine. I watched the first 30 mn. She is completely crazy."

It's only one opinion, of someone who doesn't get to vote.
But may be because of the Swiss neutrality reputation, I thought that if he's any representative of voters sitting on the fence, MLP's performance was a failure.

Fernando Manzanares said...

Makes sense. Debates really hurt Trump - but, for some reason, the final debate was scheduled three weeks before the vote, while on this occasion it was just three days.

Passerby said...

Interesting IPSOS survey regarding voters intentions & perceptions:

Slide 20 is about perception of MLP during the debate: 56% of surveyed said to be worried by her attitude. Only 16% felt reassured.