Sunday, June 18, 2017

Legislatives, Round 2

I have a piece at Foreign Affairs. If you're in Korea, I'll be on the radio there tomorrow evening. If in San Francisco, I'll be on KCBS early tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

If you could link to online audio versions of your interviews, I think that many of us would appreciate it!

bert said...
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bert said...

The cover of this week's Economist.
Emmanuel Macron, walking on water.
The sinking feet are Theresa May's.

Some people watch NASCAR / Formula 1 motor racing in the hope of seeing a spectacular crash. There's occasionally been complaints in comments here about that attitude - I've nothing to say on that. Just the observation that fans of multi-casualty pileups will likely find British politics more rewarding in the short to medium term.

The excellent l'Esprit Public spends the second half of its latest episode on the subject (I disagree with basically nothing said). The situation is grim. And that's before the coming Tory collapse. Wait til we see the bond markets introduce themselves to Prime Minister Corbyn.

Sorry about the solipsism. The last couple of weeks have been transfixing. By contrast the Legislatives have been somewhat short of suspense. The fates of Hamon and Cambadélis are highly symbolic, but they tell us something I think we already knew. The opposition now moves to the streets, and I don't see EM backing down, Juppé-style.

Alexandra Marshall said...

Bert, I am very worried and vexed over the UK. The folly of this whole exercise by entitled, cynical Tories will go down as one of history's greatest own goals but there is no joy in that. The loss of economic power and future prospects for the youth there are tragic. We can only hope that the right-wing handwringing ("Now Brexit will never happen!") comes to pass. Though what a colossal fuck-up no matter what.

Agreed, the breezing into power of a majority for EM hardly feels worth a mention. The fun story now chez nous is a potential Valls recount. Did anyone hear his remarks to the press when he showed up at the Assemblée today? Something along the lines of, "je suis élu, point barre" in the face of a lot of questionable voting day anecdotes and a CRUSHING lead of 136 votes? What a callous boor, I hate that man.

Also never to be forgotten, how few people Valls and his colleagues represent for (some of) their outsized personalities and sense of entitlement. That 2/3 of them got swept out felt like the sweetest justice of all, though obviously we'll need to wait and see what this new bunch has to offer. There are some good people I will miss, but as a whole, it's thrilling to see a new generation of non-enarques try to apply some common sense to the impractical, abstract, disconnected mess that is so much of French legislation.

bert said...

Late last night another rental van ploughed into blameless civilians. At the weekend there was an anniversary vigil for the MP stabbed to death by someone yelling 'Britain First'. And there've been three recent islamist attacks, at Westminster, Manchester and Borough Market.
The tower block fire has people furious, with good reason. A cut-price and apparently illegal refurbishment of social housing, in one of the richest areas of London.
That's just background to the rolling undertow of Brexit, dragging the government and the country down, down, down.
Outside it is beautiful British summer, at last.
As one of the Esprit Publiquers said, quoting John Snow, 'Winter is coming'.

Marcia said...

Yes please! I don't think it's possible for radio broadcasts. But who knows.

Anonymous said...

They all tend to have websites, where you can listen to pervious emissions, I think?

Dagmar said...

very much like your analysis of the second round last Sunday in 'Foreign Affairs', Mr. Goldhammer. There is constant coverage in German newspapers as there is this worry, rightly or wrongly, that France will make Germany "pay" for the reforms and changes which are necessary in France, if not outright for the survival of the EU. And then there is the beginning of the exit negotiations with the UK. I'd be interested to hear what you believe Mr. Marcron's view is.