Thursday, July 13, 2017

A Blogger's Holiday

Dear Readers,
I haven't forgotten you, but I am on vacation in the south of France and enjoying my time away from the keyboard. See you next week.


Robinson said...

Enjoy your break. September will be the really interesting period: this Trump visit is just amusing. Not even that amusing. Macron or his entourage have planned it very well, even to the point of getting the Jules Verne to serve Trump a bland surf-and-turf dinner worthy of an overpriced New Jersey golf club. (The man doesn't even seem to like lobster, although was a status symbol in the 50s.)

Anonymous said...

Have a nice vacation!

I use this comment section to keep my written English up: a grammatical paragraph or two once a week. I keep up my English, avoid boring my (Mexican) colleagues with opinions about French politics, and allow myself to pretend to myself that I am having a conversation over a coffee with friends in a Paris café. Art's analysis is always insightful and I enjoy the level of conversation here. Who ever heard of a blog with a civil comments section from which it is possible to learn something?

Art is right that there is little worth saying about the day to day minutiae of French politics right now unless one is a journalist or lives in Paris. If Macron gets divorced or punches Trump in the face or falls into a puddle during the parade we will hear about it even in Mexico: otherwise we can wait.

I do look forward to the blog picking up when things get going on labour reform. I'm also curious to read Art's defense of neoliberalism, or attack on the expression "neoliberalism," if that is still forthcoming: we readers of "French Politics" are appreciative but exigent!

Anonymous said...

I would also like to read the neoliberalism bit. Or any comment upon this Trump-Macron business: Macron seems to have understood Trump perfectly and to have won him over with... a big parade. The genius of the move becomes clearer and clearer in retrospect. There were no protests because 1) Macron had sufficiently distanced himself from Trump on prior occasions, and 2) it was the July 14 parade and the the WWI anniversary gave Macron such a good excuse to invite the US president that even Mélenchon couldn't say much.

Germany couldn't manage an equivalent occasion because 1) Germany is not a major military power: they underspend on defense and their military is culturally marginal. 2) Merkel, as a woman, could not pull off the same alpha-male bonding that Macron achieved with Trump. (Schröder, Kohl or Schmidt would have managed this, as would K-T. Guttenberg. It is hard to blame Merkel for failure in this respect: the real blame resides with Trump. Still: she and Trump are like oil and water.)

Thinking of earlier discussion on this blog: Boris Johnson, for all of his shortcomings in more or less every other department, is the perfect Brit to woo Trump. It seems nevertheless that the UK government is unable to arrange a Trump visit that isn't disrupted by massive protests. I assume that they will end up sending him to Balmoral in a fancy carriage, but the fact is that