Friday, August 18, 2017

A Word from the Techies

Astute readers will have noticed that the blog URL has changed to secure HTTP: the prefix is now https rather than http. If you use the old URL, you will be redirected automatically. This change has been mandated by our benign overlords Google to improve Web security, a public good we all enjoy. You may want to change your bookmarks and feed aggregators accordingly, although in most cases this shouldn't be necessary.

Maybe it will help to cut down on the comments spam, of which I see a good deal more than you do, since much of it is intercepted before it can try to sell you a vacation in Cambodia or a cure for herpes.

The Management


Anonymous Cowherd said...

Thank you for confirming that France is no longer 20 years behind the US&Co. in technology-related endeavors. Your changing to https:// reduces this retard to 3-4 years.

Unknown said...

Cowherd, a) I'm in the US; b) I'm well-versed in computers, so your snark is misdirected; c) there was no reason to use HTTPS on this site because it's, well, a blog. So casse-toi, as Sarko used to say.

Philippe said...

Art, you should know that is an international brotherhood of cons! Anyhow I love your blog, found thanks to my remote cousin Michel Persitz. I have also found that my FB friend Brian Thomson (found through our common love for La Chanson Française) knows and appreciates you. It is a small world (I used to live in Amherst until 2014 but now in VA. Amitiés. Philippe Meyer (pas celui qui est connu comme le loup blanc!)

Anonymous Cowherd said...

Apologies, M. Goldhammer, I didn't realize you had such a thin skin. Bon d'accord, je me casse.

bert said...

Is Minitel still a source of fierté?
10 years or so ago it was, I remember.