Tuesday, January 2, 2018

New Site

With the new year there will be some changes coming for French Politics. As you've no doubt noticed, the frequency of posts on this site has decreased lately. I've been blogging for ten years now, and it's been a rewarding experience, which has gained me new friends and colleagues, a wider reputation, and paid work for various publications. Working on longer commissioned articles has cut into the time available for blogging.

Recently, however, The Tocqueville Review/La Revue Tocqueville, of whose editorial board I have long been a member, approached me with an idea. They're launching a new Web site, which will include a blog, with me as master of ceremonies. But I will not be the only blogger. For you readers, this will mean access to a wider range of informed views about contemporary France and (I hope) more regular posting. In particular, I am glad to be joined by Steve Sawyer, the editor of The Tocqueville Review, and Jake Hamburger, who will be in charge of the Web site.

The launch date for the new project is January 15, and I will announce here when the site actually goes live. In the meantime, the Web designers are working to subscribe those of you who are subscribed to this site to the new site as well. Of course you can opt out if you choose.

I will not shut down this site, on which I may continue to post from time to time my more personal, idiosyncratic, or splenetic views, responsibility for which I wouldn't want to burden The Tocqueville Review with. But for the most part my blogging will shift to the new site, perhaps with some double posting here. How all this evolves in practice will depend on the work flow I establish after the transition.

But I wanted to let you all know now of the impending changes.